Difference Between Harvard and APA Style

With the emerging coursework and assignments for students, educational institutions expect students to embrace different writing styles among-st which the popular one is APA and Harvard style, in order to endure with the presentation of the topic accordingly. Most of the assignment help comes when the time to plan and structure the assignment. There are 4 kinds of referencing and citation style that writers mostly use i: e:

  • The Harvard Style: It is mostly used for source material which is relevant to scientific writing.
  • American Psychological Association: It is mostly used in social and behavioral sciences.
  • Chicago Style: It is the kind of style that presents the illustration of notes and bibliography. The style is related to humanities.
  • Modern Language Association: The style is used by the writers of literature area.

In preparation of references research students work on the reliability of the assignment to cover the gaps in search work. The most popular styles of writings are Harvard and APA that is preferred among-st the writing style and reference methods. The difference between these two styles are apparent as Harvard style prefers the scientific writing while APA style works in social behavior.

Let’s discuss the outline and vital differences between APA and Harvard style.

How can you elaborate Harvard Referencing?

The style was first implemented by the Harvard University where the citations and references became the foundation of scientific writing. Harvard is also adopted for the publications style.


The most used referencing style is Harvard as the understanding of the design is apparent for the writers and readers as well. The style presents the name of the author along with the date and page number. If your writing is quoting directly to the situation than it is mandatory put up with the authenticity of the project and the sources used.

Why does references play an important part in presenting the writing styles?

References and citations play an essential part in structuring the assignments on higher academic level. References are important because it provides a proof and accuracy to the amount of information you have shared. It is a support that can be implied for your project. References and citations also filters the possibility of plagiarism; hence your information is safe from copyright infringement.



Difference Between Harvard and APA Style


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