8 tips to be an expert writer in 2018

Do your friends or mates approve your writing skills?

Is your job description is mostly exchanging emails?

Well, well, if you are praised about your writing skills than it can be very complimenting because you are climbing high to be an expert in writing. So once you are aware of how to structure any kind of topic, be it a technical writing, thesis preps, making proposals, or annual reports. You can ace in every part.

You might have read or studied various articles and blogs that suggest you with different ideas and motivation regarding anything that may grab your interest. Being a writer comes from within as it does not require any training or sessions to create a sense of writing; however it can be explored by an individual by examining their own talent notice the ideas racing down in one’s mind.  The word “Motivation” is magnificently described when it comes to talk about one’s strength and inspiration.

What inspires you or motivate you? That’s the question we must ask to ourselves before we step up for other errands.  Motivation can contribute in cooking, writing or running down with errands that you had to cope up in little time. Exploration and motivation can work like vitamins for oneself. You got to implement those suggestions and embrace the power of alternative paths to be an expert in your defined area. At times these skills can contribute in your assignment help, so that your pieces are recognized.

Let’s jump onto some of the tips to polish your writing skills:

Have Clear Ideas:

Have Clear Ideas

So before you grab a pen and paper or switch on your laptop, you might rewind your abilities check and take a look of what you can write about. I mean seriously, just empty your mind and check your output level if you are inspired enough to lay a good structure to your writing.

Give Yourself a Chance:

Give Yourself a Chance

First draft is always the trash and casual, so don’t give up that easily. Try to gather yourself and accomplish the element that is mandatory to build up your piece. If you won’t give yourself a chance you won’t be able to learn the essentials of writing techniques.

Clear Your Point:

Clear Your Point

Unless you are not illustrating your view point or the reason to write, your reader might be a drifter for a while. Build a road map so that your structured piece is easily be comprehensible . Once you showed your readers a map to your illustrations it will be easier for them to get to the point and may help you on track.

Choose a Place:


Writing comes naturally, but at times it is difficult when you are not at your chosen place or an appropriate place where you are easily connected to words. So change your directions and pick a place where you can attain your inspiration and matter to write. It all depends on your adrenaline rush so that ‘bingo’ and ‘ah-ha’ moment grabs your mind that’s your right place to work on.

Manage Your Time:

Manage Your Time

So are you a rush writer or a slow ones who might need a lot of inspiration to work on. There is a classification among-st writers, so better start looking which is your category. At times it becomes complicated to manage your content within limited hours. So what’s best for keeping a check on your time is to make important researches beforehand and start pouring words without even building a structure of it. In this way you will be able to manage your time efficiently.

Manage your Writing Flow:

Manage your Writing Flow

Once you get your inspiration you can achieve and keep a track of your time and content simultaneously. Do not get carried away with your analysis paralysis, instead you can get your favorite track in the background that could keep you motivated. With my personal experience, the longer you stress over the topic the messier it gets. Moreover, try refraining from checking your inbox repeatedly just process your time with 2-3 minutes to every email so that your time is not being wasted. Once you give a strong ended email replies your writing skills will change course itself. Ofcourse, you better start from:

“In my opinion” or “As per the estimation” rather than “Can you give me suggestions?” or “what is your opinion about it”.

Strong Vocabulary:

Strong Vocabulary

Remember strong and thick magic words can lead your content amongst high rankings. Either it is your poem or any annual report, your correspondence must be smart and impeccable. When your speech is clear and strong your audience will be able to clearly understand the core idea of your topic and can get instantly that “Ah-ha, now we’re talking” stuff in your writing.

Technology? Na-An!


I must say that if you want to ace in your writing than stay away from your technology for a while until you clear your thoughts and prepare for your next project. The more you check your personal social media accounts the more you will get buzzed and ghost out from your topic. Maybe at times there is a possibility of getting carried away. So try to mediate and focus on your topic, once you ace in it you are back with your technology.

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