11 Tips To Improve In Harvard Writing Style

Are you tired of the mainstream Harvard writing style while preparing for the projects? Well, we have sorted some tips and suggestions that could be adjustable in making some amendments in Harvard format. Now a days there are several university essay writing service that are implementing such advice and tips to the students and professionals that is assisting in their projects and assignments. It is to be remembered that academic writings has different format and styles, so it is up to the student how they present their assignments with the help of different standards and formats.

Harvard formats are usually depending on the below mentioned elements:

  • Simple in references
  • Harvard style projects the core information of the author that includes: publication time, name of the author, place of the publisher etc.
  • Proper citations and quotes are involved
  • Font and double spacing does not hurt in Harvard style.

The most vital strategy for structuring Harvard style is to make the document user friendly by not allowing such hard core implementations, however it is important to follow the required instructions. The most used format in books, articles, journals etc is Harvard style.

Citations In-text:


In Harvard style the reference is depending on the sources. So when an author is directly rephrasing some of the source it is known as citation in-texts. So you can blend in with citations and quotes in your format by writing the year of publication before the quote.
“Ellefsen, L. (2016) An Investigation into Perceptions of Facebook-Use in Higher Education. International Journal of Higher Education, 5(1), pp. 160-172”
(Ellefsen, 2016, pp. 160-172)

List of Referencing:

It is basically projected for the readers to enable and comprehend the jist of the content well. The referencing basically displays the information about the author’s topic background and some brief info about the document aswell i: e:

  • Author’s name
  • Publication year
  • Topic/Subject
  • Used pages


Introduction In Harvard Style:

It is important to write the first sentence and title of your subject in a way that it attracts the reader. You can insert the citation in between the paragraphs that includes year of publication, author’s name. It is considered as the general source of information in Harvard format. There is no such definitive style of Harvard so with the help of such guides authors can take some tips.

The Paragraphs in Harvard Format:

The Harvard essays are structured efficiently. Therefore it is important for the author to implement the core values in preparing the introduction of an essay. It is important to lead the first paragraph of your essay in a way that it can make way for the related thesis statement. Make sure that you illustrate the summary in the body of an essay aptly so that the description of the topic is fully covering the dimension. Followed by the sub headings so that the main point is discussed and fully elaborated.

Conversion of the Paragraphs:

It is important in Harvard format to interconnect the paragraphs. So that the reader is aware of the connection and transition of the paragraphs. Every Harvard format has 3 objectives when it comes to lay foundations to an essay i:e:

  • The title sentence
  • Paragraphs description
  • Conclusion


The In-Text Citations Process:

Harvard format needs to follow strictly the rules of references and in-text incitation’s. The writer must put the legit information through a reliable source so that the reader should focus on the document’s authenticity. Citations should be place in between the paragraphs to point the question amicably. It is important if you can display your authenticity in ideas shared in the document so that there is no point of confusion for the reader. If you are mentioning some author’s repeated work than insert the citations year wise and in alphabetical order for e:g:

Danielle Steel. (2015). Prodigal Son. New York: XYZ Press.
Danielle Steel. (2016). Rushing Waters. New York: XYZ Press.
Danielle Steel. (2017). Against All Odds. New York: XYZ Press.

Insert Images:

If you paste the images with the description underneath will make your document look legit. In Harvard style it is important to come up with the correct facts and time period. It is also important to beware of the image copyright issues, so try to create your own image or if you are using someone else’s source than try to cite the source with correct essentials/information. Moreover, you can also take permission from the author before inserting the image or diagram etc. in your work.

Diagrams and Tables:
While structuring any informative table or a pivot, you must illustrate the content with figures and sentences. Insert a brief illustration on the above of the pivot or a table ending it with a full stop. If you are drawing your own table than it is fine to give a brief description, however if the material is been taken from someone else’s work than you are obliged to mention the source and other complete information.

Quotes from the Authors:

To mention the quotes from other writers in your project gives a suitable impression and illustrates the originality of your work, however it is mandatory to provide the whole description from the author to the year of publication. If the quote is lengthy than you must insert it in another paragraph with correct indent-ment, usually the quotes are inserted in the middle of the page to focus and let it stand-out.

Illustrating other pages:

Mostly writers prefer to write with different formats, thus there are different opinions about writing page numbers i: e:
Single ‘p’ refers to a particular page whereas; ‘pp’ indicates more than 1 page.
pp. 9-12
p. 9
pp. 9, 12 etc.

Insert Abbreviations:


The short forms are convenient to put in an essay in Harvard format.
There are several abbreviations that are implemented in Harvard system and are essential to imply in your writing.
Ibid: it is used when referring to the repeated and same transcript along with the same writer that you cited before.
n.d: incase your writing missed out the publishing date that this abbreviation can be inserted as ‘Carlson, F. & Neil, and K. (n.d). A study of XYZ.
a.a: when you are citing the repeated text that you already mentioned in previous pages and want to repeat it again on different page than insert ‘a.a’.
Hope the above mentioned tips will help you in creating a change and improvement in your Harvard writing style. With the immense concentration you can be able to use these techniques to structure your essay or writing project formatted in a proper way

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